Enwar Shokneir

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Enwar Shokneir

Source: Undead Revisited, pg(s). 20-21

Lictor Enwar Shokneir was the leader of the Order of the Crux, a band of mercenaries who proclaimed themselves Hellknights during the Chelish Civil War. After the end of the war, they refused their order to disband, and were branded apostates and traitors. In 4663 AR, the Order of the Scourge burnt Citadel Gheisteno, their headquarters, to the ground, and exterminated every member of the order, including Lictor Shokneir. In 4688 AR, Lictor Shokneir along with two of his subordinates, Paralictor Galstant and Mistress of Blades Raasier, rose from the ruins as graveknights, and began to gather an undead army around them.1234

Personality and motives

Lictor Shokneir's manner and outlook has changed little in undeath. Dour and without mercy, he still believes his version of order to be superior to all others, and will gladly kill anyone who disagrees with him. His true goals and intentions for his undead army are uncertain, as they seem to be content to bide their time in their frightening keep along the Nidal-Cheliax border. He sees his two fellow graveknights as competent, if unenlightened, servants.1


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