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Type Plant
CR 8
Environment Any (Ethereal Plane)

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 233

Etheroots are peculiar plants native to the Ethereal Plane that feed on ectoplasm and on emotions.[1]


Etheroots are large, bushy plants that float through the mists of the Ethereal Plane. They consist of a central body composed of broad, green leaves sprouting from a short stalk, trailing several thin, pale roots and topped with a cluster of stalks ending in colorful flowers. The coloration of these flowers changes to reflect the most recent emotions on which the etheroot has fed. The largest flower contains a toothy mouth at its center.[1]


Etheroots feed on ectoplasm, which is found in abundance on their home plane, and on emotions, for which they need to access other living beings. They obtain emotions by inciting them in mortal creatures, typically doing so by opening small portals into the Material Plane through which they can extend their roots and flowers, allowing them to touch other creatures and engender strong emotions within them.[1]

The etheroots' favored prey are phantoms, which provide them with both ectoplasm and strong emotions at the same time.[1]


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