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Followers of the Namzaruum
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 154

Ezida is a city-state on the southern coast of the Castrovin Sea in central Casmaron,2 and is ruled by the followers of a religious figure known as the Namzaruum.3


Very little is known of the ancient history of the city. Ezida was a port for the ancient kingdom of Ninshabur, built as a fortress city around a towering ziggurat.3 Ezida survived an attack by the Spawn of Rovagug Kothogaz (date unknown), about which event the contemporary Ezida Scrolls offer details (in what survives),4 but was presumably destroyed, along with the rest of that realm, by Tarrasque around -632 AR.35

Sometime after 4400 AR, clerics of the occulted Ninshaburian mahdi Namzaruum claimed the ruin for the center of their religion. Their leader has adopted the Kelesh title "caliph" and controls the "imams" who proselytize amongst those tribes of Ninshaburian descent in the Windswept Wastes.3


Towering over the rest of the ruins stands a ziggurat located in the center of the city. This currently serves as both temple and residence to the religion's caliph.6

Cult of Namzaruum

The more mainstream Keleshites also seek out Namzaruum, and seek to kill him under orders from the Padishah Emperor.7 Despite these looming threats, prophets of Namzaruum continue plying the central Casmaron trade routes, preaching of their hero's imminent return.6