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Curtain Call Player's Guide
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Pathfinder Curtain Call Player's Guide
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Curtain Call Player's Guide
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Inside the Curtain Call Player's Guide, you'll find player-friendly, spoiler-free information and tips to help you make an exciting new 11th-level character perfect for the Curtain Call Adventure Path. Welcome to show business!
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In the Curtain Call Adventure Path, your characters are asked by a famous director to aid in translating your adventures into an opera—a production that could well bring even greater fame and fortune to your group, but only if it's done exactly right. Of course, there's more afoot in the Kintargo than what's coming soon on stage, and as the production swings into high gear, unexpected and dangerous complications are sure to make themselves known. Fear of performing on the stage will soon be the least of your worries!

This player's guide contains:

  • Character suggestions, including recommendations for ancestries, classes, languages, skills, and feats well suited for this Adventure Path.
  • Eight new Persona traits your PCs can take to indicate how the public regards you—do they see you as a struggling underdog, a relentless flirt, a troublemaking scoundrel, or something else? Your character's Persona trait doesn't have to match your character's actual personality or role in the party, but it does give you a handy narrative hook to explore during play—and perhaps, once in a while, could even grant you unexpected opportunities as the Adventure Path unfolds!
  • Eight new backgrounds tailor-made to contextualize your character's larger-than-life theatrical role, building upon the eight Persona traits and providing advice for how (and why) your character might want to see themselves portrayed on the stage.
  • A gazetteer of the city of Kintargo, including an exhaustive list of the dozens of NPCs your group might encounter during the campaign.
  • A step-by-step guide for your group to develop a legacy worthy of transformation into an opera, in the event that you're creating brand-new characters and not bringing in heroes from an already completed campaign.

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