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Curtain Call

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Curtain Call is the fortieth Pathfinder Adventure Path and is expected to run from August to September 2024. It is a three-part Adventure Path.

This Adventure Path has been announced but has not yet been released.
Product details such as release date, authors, cover art, and contents are subject to change.


Pathfinder Adventure Path
Stage Fright.jpg
Stage Fright Written by Richard Pett Expected August 1, 2024
For level 11. Rumors abound that an old enemy, a dangerous foe you defeated at the culmination of your first huge adventure, has come back. Yet confronting your old nemesis once again is only the beginning of what's next for your group, for a famous director has singled you out as the subject of her newest opera. How dangerous could it be, helping to produce an extravaganza based on your own heroic legacy?
Singer, Stalker, Skinsaw Man.jpg
Singer, Stalker, Skinsaw Man Written by Kendra Leigh Speedling Expected August 28, 2024
For level 14. Production has begun on a brand new opera that promises to bring your group's heroic adventures to the stage, but as it turns out, producing an opera can be as complex and even at times as dangerous as adventuring ever is—particularly when a mysterious stalker spreads mayhem. Can you keep your production on schedule and under budget in the face of nefarious sabotage and sinister agendas?
Bring the House Down.jpg
Bring the House Down Written by Sen.H.H.S. Expected September 18, 2024
For level 18. The time has come for your opera's premiere, but when an unexpected disaster strikes, the adventuring producers are forced to become adventuring heroes once again, as they scramble to untangle and then stand against a nefarious plot. Can you ensure all your hard work in producing an opera pays off while simultaneously opposing the plans of a malevolent god.

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