Fading fox

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Fading fox

Fading foxes are a breed of fox created by Taldan nobles to provide challenging hunting quarries. Fading foxes were bred for agility, cunning, and intelligence, as well as for the ability to alter the color of their coats. Fading foxes are highly intelligent creatures, and are well-known for their ability to escape traps and lose pursuers, as well as using their color-changing ability to supplement their natural stealth and blend into their surroundings.[1]

Fading foxes are physically distinguished from their ancestral kin by their fur, which is more lustrous and shifts between red, dull brown, and silver as the animal moves. They also possess more robust builds than common foxes.[2]

Although valued by Taldan nobles seeking to test their hunting and tracking skills against the elusive and clever foxes, fading foxes have also become widespread pests due to their agility and intelligence making them easily able to sneak into gardens and larders. As Taldan law prohibits peasants from hunting or trapping the animal breeds created to be the nobility's quarries, Taldor's peasantry is also prohibited from attempting to thwart fading foxes' raids on their property.[1]


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