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Foxes, like the common red fox, are smart animals that hunt live prey, also commonly serving as familiars for spellcasters,1 especially among gnomes and humans.2


Arctic fox

Arctic foxes, or white foxes, are common familiars in cold climates. It is especially stealthy in snowy environments due to its white fur.3

Fading fox

Fading foxes are a breed of fox originating from Taldor. They were bred by the nobility to provide particularly challenging quarries and are known for both their extreme cunning and their ability to alter the color of their pelts to blend in with their surroundings. However, these qualities have also made them very problematic pests for Taldor's peasantry.4

Firefoot fennec

Firefoot fennecs are closely related to foxes, but are smaller and have individual coloring.5

Relations with other creatures

The fey race of brownies are known to distrust foxes for an unknown reason.6

Fur trade

Some hunt foxes for their fur, which is then traded widely. Fox fur is one of the many types of fur traded around the Shining Sea where fur trading is the largest industry. Furs are locally used for clothing and even shelter. The finest pelts, especially those of white foxes, get shipped to the more profitable markets of the south.7

Fox-like creatures

A kitsune in fox form.

Although kitsune are shapeshifters, their base form is that of a vulpine humanoid, with a fox-like head, human-like hands that end in claws, and a large, bushy tail.8 They look very similar to vulpinal agathions, although the latter are smaller and with even more fox-like features than the kitsune.9

Other races with vulpine features include huldras,10 pipefoxes,11 and flying foxes, a species of large bat.12 Ember foxes are fire elementals that resemble foxes.13


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