Faerie fire

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Faerie fire
School Evocation
Descriptor light
Domain light 1, moon 1
Level Druid 1

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 280

Faerie fire is primarily a beginner druid spell used to create a glow around objects. Although the brightness is only equivalent to that of a single candle, the spell makes objects or people under the effects of other obscuring magic (such as a blur, invisibility, or displacement spells) much easier to detect.[1] The spell is also granted to its clerics by some divine beings, specifically those strongly associated with either light (such as Iomedae, and Sarenrae),[2] or the moon (such as the Tian god Tsukiyo).[3]

Use on Golarion

Osirian druids have decorated the interior of the Black Dome in Sothis with permanent faerie fire spells over the centuries. They move across the reflective vault of the giant black carapace and mimic the shape and patterns of actual constellations.[4]


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