Faerie mount

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Faerie mount

Temperate forests, hills, or plains (First World)
Source: Prisoners of the Blight, pg(s). 82

Faerie mounts, also called fey curs and dwarf dogs, are animals of the First World that resemble large canines.1


Faerie mounts have short legs and strong cores well suited to serving as mounts to smaller humanoids and fey. A typical, fully grown faerie mount is up to five feet long and three feet tall, and weighs about 120 pounds.1


Like most domesticated dogs, faerie mounts have keen senses of smell and are agile runners. Their squat, strong builds also grant them exceptional stability, even when carrying a light load.1


Most faerie mounts are domesticated by fey creatures of the First World, where they serve as extremely loyal mounts for a wide variety of roles, including combat. The few wild faerie mounts roam in groups (known as "wiggles") of up to 12, and often become symbiotically attached to wild herd animals such as deer or goats, which they protect in exchange for milk and scavenged food.1

On Golarion

Impressed with the faerie mount's loyalty and agility, Taldan dog breeders attempted to breed a similar creature, resulting in the Taldan corgi. The breed is popular in Taldor, Isger, and Molthune, where they are deployed as herding dogs.1


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