Four Pillars

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Four Pillars

Advisory Council
Regional (Shokuro)
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 38

The Four Pillars are a council made up of the former ruling families of the provinces of modern day Shokuro and are based in its capital of Mukinami. After the fall of Imperial Lung Wa in 4606 AR, the families of the Four Pillars each ruled over one of the four provinces that now comprise Shokuro as absolute rulers. Warring with each other relentlessly, these feuds resulted in nothing but destruction. With the former breadbasket of the Lung Wa Empire under threat, neighbouring Lingshen invaded putting an end to the absolute rule of the four families.1

When Lingshen was eventually ousted by Shokuro Toriaka, the man who would come to be the Sun Shogun, he gathered the leaders of these four families to him to help him rule the newly freed Shokuro. Thus the Four Pillars were born, however, they have struggled to put aside the historic grudges that originally led them to war with each other over the four provinces.1


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