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Cavalier 4 or 7
Source: Defenders of Nesting Swallow, pg(s). 17, 18

Kwankhonu is a tengu cavalier with lofty aspirations and sees himself as a future king but who, in reality, is little more than a petty warlord with few scruples. From atop his trusty axe beak mount, he leads a band of equally reprehensible tengu bandits who plague the eastern reaches of Shokuro's rural heartland.1

In the wake of Imperial Lung Wa's collapse and the chaos that followed, Kwankhonu dreamed of creating his own nation in the territories of Shokuro. Unfortunately, he was beaten to this goal by Shokuro Toriaka, who succeeded in uniting the kingdom that now bears his name. His dreams thwarted, Kwankhonu now views himself as a warlord and the Thundering Eclipse as his loyal army. In reality, the Thundering Eclipse is little more than just another bandit gang that grows bolder which each village they sack.1 The Thundering Eclipse does boast a unique warbeast, a barely trained Shokuran owlbear.2