Furkas Xoud

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Furkas Xoud
Aliases The Smoke Wizard
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human (ghost)
Class Wizard 8 / Technomancer 3
Gender Male
Homeland Numeria
Deity Zyphus
Organization Technic League
Died 4707 AR (est.)

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 144

The technomancer Furkas Xoud was once an adept in Numeria's Technic League, a collection of powerful arcanists interested in exploring and exploiting the incredible technology found in the Silver Mount.


Xoud was the born to aristocrats in Caliphas and left them soon after maturing into a prodigy of both magic and science to join the Technic League. While he excelled as a technomancer, he soon grew frustrated by bureaucratic obstacles within the League that prevented his mastery of nanites.[1]

After faking his death and fleeing the League in 4703 AR—just before he was formally exiled for worshiping Zyphus—he traveled south and used his talents to construct the smoke-spewing Choking Tower in the woods near Numeria's border with the River Kingdoms.[2][3] A specialist in the creation of golems, Furkas is believed to have created a powerful noqual golem during this time,[4] and locals began spreading rumors of a "smoke wizard" living in the tower.[1]

Current events

Even though the Choking Tower still stands, none has heard news of Xoud for years, and most presume him to be deceased.[2]


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