Choking Tower

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The Choking Tower sits in a small woodland, called the Smokewood, in south-central Numeria. The tower was once the domicile of the technomancer Furkas Xoud who was a former member of the Technic League. Xoud is believed to have relocated here in 4703 AR to conduct research into the manufacture of golems, but has not been heard from for many years and may be dead.12 Despite this, strange rattles and cranks can be heard coming from the tower from time to time, and smoke occasionally billows from the chimneys, leading some to conclude that it is still occupied.

The 60-foot-wide soot-covered stone tower rises above the surrounding trees to a height of 220 feet, with strange pipes and chimneys sticking up even farther. There are few windows on the tower, all of them covered by metal slats that leave inch-wide gaps. Its front door, a sealed iron hatch, is damaged and apparently lacks any means of opening it.13


The Choking Tower is the central location of the Iron Gods Adventure Path issue of the same name.

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