Noqual golem

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Noqual golem

Source: Inner Sea Bestiary, pg(s). 18

Noqual golems are powerful magical constructs made of the rare skymetal noqual. Even though they are magical creations themselves, the anti-magic nature of the metal is enhanced in these creatures, making them exceedingly hazardous to any kind of spell or dweomer.1

Noqual Golems in Golarion

Only one noqual golem is known to exist on Golarion and it is owned by the Technic League of the Numerian city of Starfall. Created by a former League member, the powerful wizard Furkas Xoud, the golem is said to serve as a fail-safe should the League's technology fail. The Cyphermages of the Varisian city of Riddleport have recently acquired a large supply of noqual thanks to a local meteorite strike, and are said to be working on a noqual golem of their own.1