Noqual golem

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Noqual golem
Type Construct
CR 18
Environment Any
(Numeria, Varisia)

Source: Inner Sea Bestiary, pg(s). 18

Noqual golems are powerful magical constructs made of the rare skymetal noqual. Even though they are magical creations themselves, the anti-magic nature of the metal is enhanced in these creatures, making them exceedingly hazardous to any kind of spell or dweomer.[1]

Noqual Golems in Golarion

Only one noqual golem is known to exist on Golarion and it is owned by the Technic League of the Numerian city of Starfall. Created by a former League member, the powerful wizard Furkas Xoud, the golem is said to serve as a fail-safe should the League's technology fail. The Cyphermages of the Varisian city of Riddleport have recently acquired a large supply of noqual thanks to a local meteorite strike, and are said to be working on a noqual golem of their own.[1]

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