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Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 61

Geir is the scrupulous curator of Ghasterhall, Tar-Baphon's prison-library, in Virlych, Ustalav, where he constantly performs experiments.1


Geir is said to have come from somewhere beyond Golarion. He first met Tar-Baphon before he became the Whispering Tyrant, and they worked together until Aroden defeated Tar-Baphon in 896 AR.2

In 3746 AR, shortly after Tar-Baphon's return as the Whispering Tyrant, the still-living Geir discovered the Necronomicon in the Dreamlands, transported it to Golarion, and began to translate it into the Necril language during his quest to become a lich and impress his master. Aware that the Whispering Way forbade passing secrets via anything other than whispers, and paranoid that he would be found out, Geir enhanced the translation with powerful abjuration magic that prevented it from being divined or teleported. He hoped that Tar-Baphon would be impressed enough by the gift of the book to pardon him for this violation. His efforts rewarded him with transformation into a lich in 3751 AR.3

In 3754 AR, Geir finished the translation just as the Shining Crusade began. He set out to deliver the book by hand to Tar-Baphon, but was ambushed by paladins on the way. The Necronomicon was taken by the paladins, and never reached Tar-Baphon's hands.3

Since Tar-Baphon's second defeat and imprisonment within Gallowspire, Geir has served as curator of Ghasterhall, becoming a demilich at an unspecified time.2


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