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Giant ant

Type Vermin
CR 1 (worker)
2 (soldier)
3 (drone)
4 (queen)
Environment Any
Adjective Formic, myrmicine

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 16
Army ant swarm

Ants are eusocial insects that live in large underground colonies.[1]


Ants are highly eusocial insects and live in large groups, which inhabit underground hives either burrowed out by the insects or formed from preexisting caves. Ants are divided into a number of biological castes, including workers, warriors armed with stings, winged drones that seek food sources, and a queen. Ants are omnivores, and feed on both fungus grown within the hive and on animal prey.[1]


Army ants

Army ants move in large swarms, forming living carpets of insects that seek to devour all in their paths.[1]

Giant ants

Giant ants closely resemble their smaller relatives in appearance and behavior, but can grow to the size of ponies.[1]

In religion

Ants are the sacred animals of the nascent demon lord Izyagna[2] and the harbinger Cixyron.[3] They are also among the favored animals of Zon-Kuthon.[4]


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