Giant eagle

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Giant eagle

Giant eagles are megafauna that resemble eagles of enormous size. They average 15 feet in height with a wingspan of up to 30 feet, and weigh upwards of 500 pounds. In all other respects they resemble their small, mundane cousins.1

These creatures, however, possess a supernatural intelligence and see themselves as protectors of their mountainous homelands. They attack those they consider to be threats to their environment but occasionally become allies with those who share similar views.21

They understand the elemental language of air, Sussuran, but cannot speak it.1

On Golarion

Giant eagles inhabit the mountains of central Avistan, particularly the Kodar Mountains and southern Tusk Mountains,3 the mountains of central and southern Varisia,4 the Nomen Heights of the eastern River Kingdoms,5 but have also been seen in Garund in the southern foothills of the Brazen Peaks,6 and the mountainous regions of the Mwangi Expanse.7

Giant eagles have also been encountered in the First World.8


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