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Goblin snake

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Goblin Snake

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Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 132

Goblin snakes combine elements of both goblin and serpent into a single, repellent whole. Though some speculate these creatures may be a form of lesser naga, goblins themselves revere these aberrations as racial heroes of the past, reincarnated into a new form in order to deliver retribution to the enemies of their kind.12


The most striking feature of a goblin snake is its head, which resembles that of a reptilian goblin. Their wide mouths are filled with jagged teeth and fangs, and their tongue is forked similar to that of a snake. They view the world through the white eyes of a serpent, and their broad ears sweep back along their skull.12

Goblin snakes can reach lengths of up to 6 feet, and their bodies are covered in black scales with a thin red stripe down both flanks. These creatures possess a series of dorsal spikes that are present the entire length of their bodies.2


Possessing greater than average muscle control, goblin snakes are able strike enemies at a distance from a coiled position. They can communicate with snakes and other serpents, and are often found in the presence of such reptiles.1

Goblin breath

Goblin snakes can emit a belch that can be extremely offensive to other creatures. Beings with below-average constitutions will often become nauseous in the presence of such an odor.1

Ecology, habitat, and society

As they are seen as avenging heroes returned from the grave, goblin snakes are often afforded positions of significant respect in goblin society. Despite this, these arrogant creatures are motivated by little more than personal gain and self gratification. Due to their ability to communicate with and influence snakes, they are often found in each other's company.1

In Golarion

Goblin snakes are known to live in the Brinestump Marsh, along Varisia's Lost Coast.3


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