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Gojan the Sharp

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Gojan the Sharp
Titles Pathfinder
Gender Male
Organization Pathfinder Society

Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 41

Gojan the Sharp, or sometimes Gojan Sharp, was a Pathfinder whose exploits were recorded in Volume 3 of the Pathfinder Chronicles.

Gojan travelled to Numeria in 4308 AR and endured a decade of hardship under the oppressive Ontar, the Black Sovereign of Numeria, in order to gain access to the Silver Mount: a titanic edifice of steel that looms over Numeria's capital, Starfall. In 4318 AR, he finally earned Ontar's blessing to enter the forbidden lands and explore Silver Mount. While on his mission there, he cataloged the seven different types of local skymetal,[1] and observed the appearance of the Lawgiver, the herald of Abadar, in the city of Chesed. He also found and plundered the recreation deck within the Silver Mount during his investigation.[2]

Gojan returned to Absalom in 4319 AR, and the Pathfinder Society published a Pathfinder Chronicles volume detailing his journey and research later that year. In 4320 AR, Gojan returned to Numeria to learn more but disappeared and was never heard from again.[3][4]


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