Gojan the Sharp

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Gojan the Sharp
Titles Pathfinder
Gender Male
Organization Pathfinder Society

Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 41

Gojan the Sharp, or sometimes Gojan Sharp, was a Pathfinder whose exploits were recorded in Volume 3 of the Pathfinder Chronicles.


Gojan travelled to Numeria in 4308 AR and endured a decade of hardship under the oppressive Ontar, the Black Sovereign of Numeria, in order to gain access to the Silver Mount: a titanic edifice of steel that looms over Numeria's capital, Starfall. In 4318 AR, he finally earned Ontar's blessing to enter the forbidden lands and explore Silver Mount.[1][2] While on his mission there, he cataloged the seven different types of local skymetal,[1] and observed the appearance of the Lawgiver, the herald of Abadar, in the city of Chesed.[3][4] He also found and plundered the recreation deck within the Silver Mount during his investigation.[4]

His findings from Sulfur Gulch, in the Sellen Hills of Numeria, were never published; they were hidden away by fellow Pathfinder Eylysia and were not discovered until some time around 4716 AR.[5]

Publication and disappearance

Gojan returned to Absalom in 4319 AR, and the Pathfinder Society published a Pathfinder Chronicles volume detailing his journey and research later that year. In 4320 AR, Gojan returned to Numeria to learn more but disappeared and was never heard from again.[3][6]


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