Gold Crown Shipping and Mining Company

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Gold Crown Shipping and Mining Company

Source: Sargava, The Lost Colony, pg(s). 4

The Gold Crown Shipping and Mining Company, also known as the Gold Crown Company or simply Gold Crown, is an organization in Sargava that specializes in transporting goods by river. Its current leader is Krieve.1


The Gold Crown Company was originally founded as a mining company, but following the success of the Deeptreasure Mining Company, it was edged out of that sector. Gold Crown still sells supplies to Deeptreasure and other mining companies, but its main focus now is as a general shipping company.1

Business practices

Gold Crown has a reputation for being willing to transport nearly anything almost anywhere, sometimes as soon as a client desires it. However, most of their business is done by river-bound barges that traverse the treacherous Korir River Delta, and sometimes the rivers of the Mwangi Expanse. The Company also ships cargo from Port Freedom to Eleder. It conducts overland shipping by caravan, and can provide transport as far north as the Sodden Lands, Osirion, and Katapesh.1

In addition to shipping, the Company has some unusual interests. Krieve's friends Valmor and Skort, both seasoned adventurers, are sometimes employed by Kalabuto's General Alban to spy on the city of Mzali. The Gold Crown Company also has a contract with Othor Vibius to explore the Stasis Fields.1


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