Deeptreasure Mining Company

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Deeptreasure Mining Company

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 169

The Deeptreasure Mining Company is based in Sargava. They are known for supplying the largest and most beautiful of the gemstones sold in the markets of Eleder.

These gems are obtained from the Mines of Deeptreasure, a secret location in the Bandu Hills. The company has been exploiting xorns in order to obtain the jewels.1

In 4381 AR, the company began operating in the Bandu Hills, competing with the dwarven and gnomish mining operations. In 4426 AR, the competition between Bandu Hills' miners turned to open fighting and the company barely survived. Their offices in Kalabuto were burned down and their officers presumed dead. In 4427 AR, the company resurfaced deeper in the Bandu Hills and quickly overcame its rivals. Between 4428 AR and 4431 AR, the company abandoned its headquarters and continued its operations from a series of secret bases scattered throughout the Bandu Hills.2