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Type Animal
CR 7
Environment Temperate hills and plains

Source: Monster Codex, pg(s). 172

Gortheks are a species of particularly cranky ungulates commonly used as mounts by orcs.[1]


A gorthek appears as a strange combination of bison and rhinoceros, with a thick leonine head crowned by ram horns and framed by shaggy hair. Its hide is thick, wrinkled, and extraordinarily difficult to pierce. An adult male gorthek stands about seven feet high at the shoulder and weighs around 9,000 pounds.[1]


Gortheks live in small herds, grazing across grasslands and sparsely wooded hills. They perceive almost everything else as a threat and will launch themselves at enemies, intent on sending them flying.[1]


Orcs commonly raise gortheks from infancy as mounts and living siege engines. They are bonded with their future riders from a very young age, and orcs have fashioned the gorthek masks in order to magically facilitate this bond. In battle, gorthek riders sit on a specifically designed saddle and control their mount with spiked reins.[1]


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