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Two species of bison.
Type Animal
CR 4
Environment Cold or temperate plains
Images of bison

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 174

Bison[1] are large, horned, wild herd animals similar to the more frequently domesticated aurochs.[2]


Bison are distinguished by a hump at their shoulders; small, upward-facing horns; and a shaggy, furry coat. A bison can be up to 7 feet tall at its hump and 12 feet long, and weighs an average of 2,200 pounds.[2]


Like other large herd animals, several bison can stampede together as a group.[2]


Bison most often travel in herds of up to 30. They are generally more aggressive than aurochs, and male bison are known to kill rivals within a herd during mating seasons.[2]

On Golarion

A bison's fur coat makes it more suitable for colder climates than aurochs, and they are known to herd in places like the Realm of the Mammoth Lords,[3] where local Kellids often hunt them or even trigger stampedes against intruders;[4][5] in Irrisen's Thronehold, where stilyagi imitate Kellid barbarians and hunt bison;[6] the Algid Wastes of Smokespur in the Hold of Belkzen;[7] the Whistling Plains of Taldor, where herds number in the tens of thousands;[8] and near the Worldwound, where fiendish powers corrupt them into carnivorous beasts.[9]


Bison are domesticated less frequently than aurochs, though they can be adopted as animal companions[2] and a few cavaliers find ways to adopt bison as mounts.[10] Bison can also be summoned, and summoned bison persist longer when summoned by divine magic users of the plains.[11]

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