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Two species of bison.

Bison1 are large, horned, wild herd animals similar to the more frequently domesticated aurochs.2


Bison are distinguished by a hump at their shoulders; small, upward-facing horns; and a shaggy, furry coat. A bison can be up to 7 feet tall at its hump and 12 feet long, and weighs an average of 2,200 pounds.2


Like other large herd animals, several bison can stampede together as a group.2


Bison most often travel in herds of up to 30. They are generally more aggressive than aurochs, and male bison are known to kill rivals within a herd during mating seasons.2

On Golarion

A bison's fur coat makes it more suitable for colder climates than aurochs, and they are known to herd in places like the Realm of the Mammoth Lords,3 where local Kellids often hunt them or even trigger stampedes against intruders;45 and in Irrisen's Thronehold, where stilyagi imitate Kellid barbarians and hunt bison.6 Further south bison can also be found in the Algid Wastes of Smokespur in the Hold of Belkzen;7 the Whistling Plains of Taldor, where herds number in the tens of thousands.8 They also roam throughout the northern reaches of Numeria and the River Kingdoms9 and near the Worldwound, where fiendish powers corrupt them into carnivorous beasts.10 Further afield bison can be found roaming across the vast steppes of central Casmaron, in particular throughout the Grass Sea and are a common site across the nation of Karazh.9


Bison are domesticated less frequently than aurochs, though they can be adopted as animal companions2 and a few cavaliers find ways to adopt bison as mounts.11 Bison can also be summoned, and summoned bison persist longer when summoned by divine magic users of the plains.12


  1. The singular and plural of bison are the same.
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