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Grand Athenaeum

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Grand Athenaeum
Type Museum
Headquarters Egorian, Cheliax
Scope National

Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 61

The Grand Athenaeum, also known as simply the Athenaeum, is a prestigious and ancient museum in Egorian, Cheliax, that is strongly affiliated with House Thrune.[1]


Although the museum is thousands of years old, its history has been heavily redacted by House Thrune and is largely unknown. Accounts of Thrune founding and supporting the archive are the official version of history.[2]


The Athenaeum employs archaeologists and curators to manage and expand its collections. These include Paracount Julistar, a Thrune loyalist, avid Osirionologist, and leader of Her Majestrix's Expeditionary.[3] It also includes Marianix Karn, who recently lead an expedition to explore ruins from the Jistka Imperium in the Archduchy of Hellcoast.[4]


The Athenaeum's libraries are home to works collected during the Everwar.[2] Its holdings include the original text of Osirionologist Imivus' Aucturn Lexicon kept under lock and key,[5][6][7] and it is the site of his tomb.[6]


The Athenaeum sponsors or leads expeditions across many of Cheliax's territories, with a particular interest in the Jistka Imperium.[8]