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Archduchy of Hellcoast

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Archduchy of Hellcoast
Nation Cheliax
Capital Belde; formerly Pezzack
Ruler Paraduke Marcellus Thurvian

Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 3, 12

The Archduchy of Hellcoast is one of six Archduchies of Cheliax.[1]


The Archduchy of Hellcoast encompasses much of the western coastline of Cheliax, from the mouth of the Maiestas River in the south to the gap between the Menador Mountains and Ravounel Forest.[2]


Hellcoast is one of two Chelish archduchies, along with the Archduchy of Ravounel, to lack an archduke. It was previously ruled by House Davian until the Battle of a Hundred Kings in 4639 AR, and rule has not been granted to another family since.[1]

The archduchy is nominally governed by Paraduke Marcellus Thruvian, who was appointed by House Thrune. However, due to ongoing unrest in the previous capital of Pezzack, the region is managed from Belde, a town in the far western Heartlands.[1]