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Bloodcleft is a massive cavern in the Darklands realm of Nar-Voth that is located about 1,000 feet under the Pyramid of Kamaria in Osirion. It connects to the lowest level of the notorious pyramid by a long, vertical shaft. The floor of the cavern is covered by sharp stalagmites and crags of reddish rock. Negotiating the terrain of the cavern is difficult—and potentially dangerous—due to these rock formations, not to mention the large tribe of exceedingly violent grimlocks that call Bloodcleft home.[1]


The cavern of Bloodcleft is primarily inhabited by a particularly violent tribe of grimlocks, who practice ritual scarification and the embedding of pieces of sharp stone under the skin. Practiced climbers, they have also learned to safely negotiate the dangerous slash rock found on the cavern's floor, but enjoy chasing prisoners into the same area in order to watch them being shredded to ribbons.[1]