Hedvend VI

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Hedvend VI

Steward of Isger
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 83

From his court in Elidir, Hedvend VI rules the central Avistani nation of Isger as its steward.1 Following the Goblinblood Wars, he stationed the remains of the Isgeri military along the vital trade route known as the Conerica Straits. Banditry runs rampant throughout his country, but as long as trade flows from Cheliax to Druma, the steward is not overly concerned.2 It is well known that he is beholden to Cheliax, like his fathers before him. He makes regular trips to Egorian, obediently answering the summons of House Thrune.2 His loyalty to the Chelish crown is assured via a magical Thrune contract, an infernal contract in which Hedvend gave up his soul in exchange for worldly power. The steward's contract is publicly known, and contains so many loopholes and contingencies (that benefit Cheliax and Abrogail Thrune II), that Hedvend must obey every whim of Her Infernal Majestrix.3

Rumors circulate that Hedvend might soon be compelled to relinquish his seat. House Thrune deems him incompetent and desires a more capable ruler on Isger's throne. In Isger, the rumor elicits indifferent shrugs, as Hedvend is widely perceived as a Chelish puppet with little concern or ability to aid his own people. The remnants of massacred towns and unmarked graves, neglected since the Goblinblood Wars, serve as haunting reminders of this reality.4


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