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Large city
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 82

Elidir (pronounced EL-eh-deer)1 is both the capital of Isger and the nation's largest city. Far from the Chitterwood, Elidir escaped the worst of the Goblinblood Wars, a fact that still engenders bitterness from those whose homes were overrun. It is a commonly held belief throughout the rest of the country that if the capital had been in greater danger during the war, the fighting would have been over much faster.2


Elidir stands at the center of the important Conerica Straits trade route and is a popular stopping point for caravans. However, those traders who are not seeking to stop can easily bypass the city using its famous Rampways.3

Places of interest

The following are some of Elidir's points of interest.

Pathfinder Society

Members of the Pathfinder Society meet secretly once a month at a temple of Erastil outside of town to discuss the Society's activities in Isger. They are particularly interested in the ancient sites of the extinct Isgeri tribes who were defeated by Taldor's Seventh Army of Exploration in 2133 AR. Since such activity is against the wishes of Isger's Chelish masters, the Pathfinders must conduct all of their activities in secret.910


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