Herald's Fall

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Herald's Fall is the echo on the Ethereal Plane which resonates to the site where Tar-Baphon killed Arazni on the Material Plane. It moves from one location to another, following known ley lines.1

On Golarion

The first sighting of Herald's Fall took place in 3944 AR in Tolbau, a hamlet in Ustalav. Its terrified residents reported a fog bank rolling into their homes, causing buildings to take the shape of monsters, a sickly black rain to fall, and day to become night. When the fog dispersed, a few residents were gone, instilling panic in those who remained. When priests of Pharasma from Hyannis came to investigate, no evidence could be located to back up the claims that anything happened or that the disappearance of people was more than mundane. Eventually, the town moved on, but the missing never returned, leaving behind lingering questions and mental scars.1

In 4704 AR, Brevic spiritualist Kalara Atroshka discovered records about the Tolbau event and linked it to several other 'roaming haunt' incidents in northern Avistan. She believed that they were all the same thing and correctly predicted its next appearance, 125 miles west of Chastel in Ustalav in 4714 AR. She took a team of scholars to investigate with her.1

When the phenomenon was active, Atroshka used ethereal jaunt and witnessed, at the epicentre, a being she believed to be Arazni, surrounded by tormented souls and seemingly reliving her torturous death again and again. Arazni's screams and anguish were so great that Atroshka could not remember anything that happened after that. A week after the appearance of the haunt, she was found catatonic and bloody outside of Ravengro, and sent to the Havenguard Lunatic Asylum in Caliphas.1

During her recovery, Atroshka named the phenomenon Herald's Fall and concluded that Tar-Baphon intentionally created it. As her entire team was killed and her notes lost, predicting the next encounter with Herald's Fall is impossible. Atroshka suggests that it will manifest again soon, and risks reaching a point of escalation that could endanger most of the Inner Sea region.1


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