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Many Pathfinders from across the Inner Sea region who arrive at the Vodavani Lodge, sometimes called the Havenguard Asylum, in Caliphas1 proceed to explore the various sites of interest in Ustalav, including:23

Unfortunately, Ustalav is considered one of the more dangerous postings for Pathfinders and the frequency of losing Society members in this nation to death, corruption or even worse, is very high.2

The Lodge also serves as a mental health treatment facility.1


Dr. Beaurigmand Trice acts as the chief healer of the Asylum.14 He used to be the venture-captain for the lodge, but the wake of Tar-Baphon's assault on Avistan in 4719 AR, his healing services are in such demand that he has given over management of the lodge to Venture-Captain Evni Zongnoss whose Pathfinder lodge in Vigil, Lastwall was destroyed by the Whispering Tyrant.1

Dr. Trice firmly believes that people hold within them the power to heal themselves and others without relying on the power of divine magic. Dr. Trice, over the course of his career, has come to focus on maladies of the mind, helped by his assistant Cereis Linas.

Notable members

One of Havenguard Asylum's most famous residents is Mr. Tembs, a self-confessed killer who has at least three distinct murderous personalities.5


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