High Palaces

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High Palaces serves as the most prestigious floating island district of the djinni capital city of Armun Kelisk. Floating above the other districts of the city, the High Palaces is home to Sultan Zafer XXXVIII (to give him his full title: "Lord of the Heavens and All the Stars of the Mortal Void"), his enormous extended family, and all the members of his vast court. The entire platform is covered in fantastical villas, gorgeous parks, and stunning structures of every sort. Amongst this paradise, the elite of the Djinni Empire reside, sampling all the pleasures they can get from across the Great Beyond. They are served by legions of air mephits and air wisp servants. At its heart sits the wondrous Sussurran Palace, home of the Sultan.[1] No one can reach High Palaces without possession of an access key made of crystal, but these are only available from Sultan Zafer himself.[2]