Lower City (Armun Kelisk)

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The Lower City is the lowest of the floating districts that makes up the djinni capital of Armun Kelisk. While the Lower City is the lowest in status of the city's districts, it is also where the vast majority of trade, the lifeblood of the Djinni Empire, takes place. The district is full of sky docks filled with strange and exotic vessels, while its streets are filled with a multitude of peoples from all across the Great Beyond. The centre of the Lower City is an almost warren-like maze of towering buildings that occasionally open up onto stunning parks and gardens, a reminder of the wonders of Armun Kelisk. The Lower City is host to the Terrestrial Gardens, a small neighbourhood (though it dwarfs many of Golarion's cities) that is where most of the visitors from the Material Plane live. The Terrestrial Gardens are home to the renowned restaurant Four Winds, run by the gnome siblings Kavenaugh and Tagritallia Riddlestone.1


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