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Hive larva

(hive, swarm)
Source: Horror Adventures, pg(s). 236

Hive larvae are the first stage of the hive life cycle.1


A hive larva is a writhing, maggot-like creature that secretes a caustic odour.1


Swarms of hive larvae incapacitate potential hosts with their venom and infest their bodies. During the first 24 hours of infection, the host is unconscious as the larvae gestate and try to achieve symbiosis. Less than a day after symbiosis, the larvae mature, and the host slowly dies in pain as a hive creature explodes from within the body. This creature is usually a hive warrior, but mutations can create hive creatures that retain the capabilities of the original creatures. Immature larvae are vulnerable to expulsion, but nothing short of a miracle or wish can remove mature larvae.1

In some cases, the body of the host metabolises the larvae and becomes more and more monstrous, like that of a hive creature, while the host gains a mental link with the hive before transforming themselves into a cocoon and dissolving into a new swarm of hive larvae. Those hosts who wish to cleanse themselves of hive corruption could resort to fleshwarping, or seek out the help of the hive's original creators, the anunnaki.2


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