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Type Aberration
CR Varies
Environment Any
Adjective Hive

Source: Horror Adventures, pg(s). 236-237
For another meaning of "Hive", please see Hive (Jolizpan).

The hive[1] are an invasive alien species that seek to spread across worlds and devour all other life.[2]


The hive's endonym is an Aklo word that the human mouth cannot pronounce.[3]


The hive spread their larvae through hosts to conquer new worlds. While infested creatures usually become a hive warrior, mutations can create hive creatures that retain the capabilities of the original creatures. Those hosts who wish to cleanse themselves of hive corruption could resort to fleshwarping, or seek out the help of the hive's original creators, the anunnaki.[4][5]

Hive creatures have no language, instead communicating simple concepts via pheromone discharge and body language that the rest of the hive understand. Hive creatures lack eyes and see the world through other senses. Their blood is corrosive, and they have no need to eat, drink, or sleep.[6]

On Golarion

Eloiander of Ridwan, leader of the druids of the Shades of the Uskwood, has captured and kept a hive queen imprisoned in a magical cell in the middle of the Uskwood in Nidal; as a result, hive creatures are very common in the Uskwood. The Shades seek to explore the mechanisms of the hive and control its corruption.[7][8]

The hive also grow in the remote corners of Golarion, like parts of Numeria and the Valashmai Jungle. Technological solutions to hive corruption are said to exist in Numeria, but the Technic League holds tight control over any evidence of such claims.[9]

Types of hive creatures