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Source: Beyond the Veiled Past, pg(s). 80

Imiolana is an ancient Azlanti oracle sent thousands of years into the future by a magical accident. In the Age of Lost Omens, she finds the concept of controlling her own fate terrifying.1


Imiolana was born to an astrologer and a glass maker.1


In her youth, Imiolana preferred to help and follow people she respected, instead of developing personal ambition. She found herself aimless and lacking conviction to pursue any path until she discovered her natural talent for divination, and rose to a respectable, prominent position fitting for her personality, paying homage to both Desna and Pharasma.1

As her fame grew, a wealthy patron started frequenting Imiolana's service, claiming that he needed to consult the heavens before making important decisions. Unknown to her, this patron was actually the disguised veiled master Ochymua, who saw an opportunity to expand the influence of the alghollthus. Ochymua took control of Imiolana's mind and urged her to subtly alter her prophecies, while hiding these suggestions under the supposed word of the gods. In this way, many influential Azlanti became unwitting alghollthu pawns.1

After several years, Ochymua was tasked to search for a secret military base, but failed to do so and drew the attention of many powerful Azlanti in the process. Pressured by scrutiny, Ochymua commanded Imiolana to divine the base's location, but although she saw that she and Ochymua would eventually enter it, her visions could not tell her where it was located. Ochymua lost patience and instructed Imiolana to open a portal to the Dimension of Time, look into her future, to the point where she would find the base, then return and inform Ochymua. Within the Dimension of Time, Imiolana saw a black rift dividing her life in half, and attempted to bridge it, only to feel that something in her life had severed before she lost control of herself. When she escaped the Dimension of Time, she emerged into the Age of Lost Omens, ten millennia after Earthfall.1

In the new world, Imiolana found that her two patrons have changed drastically and her powers have changed from seeing through time to manipulating it, something she attributes to the end of prophecy. She has managed to learn the Taldane language and earn a decent sum of money by selling off her old possessions, and is determined to prove that her prediction was correct by searching for the secret military base.1


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