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Iridian Fold

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Iridian Fold
Type Philosophical order
Headquarters Ular Kel, Karazh, Casmaron
Goals Enlightenment
Scope Global
Members Males, no females

Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 62

The Iridian Fold refers to both a state of enlightenment and the philosophical order and teachings that help people attain it. In both senses, it is shrouded in mystery. Its members are bound pairs of male lovers whose spirits merge into a single entity inhabiting their individual bodies, forming a unit called a szerik.[1]


The Iridian Fold is nearly a thousand years old, with an early record of it dating back to the arrival of a strange pair of men to Ular Kel in 3789 AR. This first pair, dubbed the Teacher, took on Mitrae the Wise and Loyeru Shieldbreaker as its first disciples, and later passed control of the order to the pair.[1]

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The term szerik refers to the coupling of two male lovers into a single spirit, symbolized with binding chains and the phrase "shared mind, shared heart". Most szerik follow the template of the Teacher: one covered in veils from head to foot with only his eyes showing, the other close behind wearing creaking leather armor and clinking chains.[2]

The order only accepts men, and its holy texts claim that women are incapable of the necessary focus due to their ability to bear children. A sect named the Iridian Choir, which mocks the Iridian Fold's suggestion that women have a thousand voices inside them, secretly trains couples or groups of any gender in the same techniques.[1]

In the Inner Sea region

Among the people of the Inner Sea region, very little is known of the men who identify themselves as being members of the Iridian Fold. Their members are only ever found in large, cosmopolitan cities going about their unknown business.[3][4]

Centers of the Iridian Fold

Ular Kel

The Iridian Fold maintains Ular Kel's Iridian Cathedral in the Casmar nation of Karazh. The order has been active in Ular Kel since 3789 AR.[2][1]

Kaer Maga

Kaer Maga hosts a notable presence of Iridian Fold members.[5]

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