Grass Sea

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The Grass Sea is a vast area of endless steppe that sits in the centre of Casmaron, south of the Castrovin Sea.1 The Grass Sea is home to the nation of Karazh, a nomad kingdom split between city dwellers and the free-roaming Kara horse tribes. The Grass Sea is arid and it can be several days ride between patches of water.2 Life on the Grass Sea revolves around horses and, for those who live there, horses are both their most valuable possession and most cherished companions. The Kara live a nomadic lifestyle, dwelling in felt gers that are easy to transport as they move across the Grass Sea moving their herds onwards to new grazing.3 Bison are a common sight across the Grass Sea as they roam in large herds.4


At the heart of Karazh is the city of Ular Kel, a trade hub that sits at the nexus of a series of trade routes between exotic Vudra, the Padishah Empire of Kelesh, xenophobic Kaladay, and the nations that lie on the shores of the Castrovin Sea.52

Wooden statuettes of eagles, known as caravan guardians, are frequently carried by caravans traversing the Grass Sea to warn of the approach of danger. The caravan guardian can summon an eagle to help combat such threats.6


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