Water Houses

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The Water Houses are three truly colossal buildings that dominate, both visually and politically, the Karazh capital of Ular Kel. Whoever controls one of the Water Houses is considered to be one of the three Water Lords that rule the city absolutely.1

The Water Houses are vast stone cylinders that capture all of the water from Ular Kel's underground springs. Rumour has it that the remains of some of the previous fortresses lie drowned within these reservoirs. From the Water Houses all the aqueducts of the city flow, and with it most of the city's political power. Atop each of the Water Houses is a magnificent palace, each boasting soaring minarets and extensive gardens watered directly by the reservoirs in the cylinders below. Each of these houses also serves as a statement of opulent power and anyone that wishes to speak with one of the Water Lords is forced to climb the exposed and heavily guarded stairs that wrap around the reservoir cylinders. It is rumoured that the Water Lords instead use secret portals to come and go freely from their palaces atop the Water Houses.2

Currently, the two northernmost Water Houses are controlled by two aristocratic families, such families being the more traditional power structure that has historically dominated the city. Water Lord Comelis Nurasili serves as the leader of the Nurasili family, while Water Lord Azat Ihnkara is patron of the Ihnkara family. To the south, however, a new group, the Concord of Peers, controls the southernmost Water House. This group is a more egalitarian organisation comprised of prominent merchants currently led by Speaker of the Concord Jorgyz Erasyn.1


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