Island of Empty Eyes

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The Island of Empty Eyes.
This article is about the island in the Shackles. For the Skull & Shackles adventure, see Island of Empty Eyes (adventure). For the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game deck, see Island of Empty Eyes Adventure Deck.

The Island of Empty Eyes, named for the many statues dotting its shores and hills that have long since been plundered of their gemstone eyes, is located in the northern Shackles. It is inhabited primarily by savage cyclopes and a group of pirates attempting to plunder its ruins.1


Prior to their empire's decline, cyclopes of Ghol-Gan built Sumitha, an introspective mountain retreat for seers, on the island. The ruins housed an artifact known as the lens of revelation in the retreat's underground vault, which they dubbed the Eye of Serenity. They abandoned the retreat as Ghol-Gan fell, most retreating into tunnels to the Darklands beneath the island and the rest degenerating into brutes. However, the lens—now dark—remained.1

In 4110 AR, an expedition of settlers from Cheliax re-discovered the island, fought with the remaining cyclopes, and established a fortification near the island's western bay. The cyclopes were relentless, however, and eventually organized well enough to drive the settlers off the island and toward Sargava.1

Within a few years, an earthquake in the region collapsed the island's connecting tunnels to the Darklands and drove the cyclopes permanently to the surface. To feed their voracious appetites, they consumed nearly everything on the island and set out in massive ships to hunt whales and raid other ships and towns.1

Notable locations

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  • Bay of No Hospitality: This two-mile-wide bay dominates the island's southwestern reaches. Its beaches consist of white sands, and the bay is fed by a massive waterfall on its northern edge.2
  • Chelish fort: A six-century-old fort of white stone walls has been recently maintained by the pirate crew of Bikendi Otongu, who used it as a base for exploring the island's Ghol-Gani ruins.3
  • Sumitha: The island's ancient Ghol-Gani retreat rests on the island's tallest plateau and descends deep underground. The island's remaining cyclopes reside here.4


The island is the setting for Paizo's Skull & Shackles adventure Island of Empty Eyes.

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