Jubjub bird

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Jubjub bird

Magical beast
Temperate or warm forests
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 157

The jubjub bird is the least powerful and least intelligent of the Tane, a group of the Eldest's destructive servants that hail from the First World.1


The jubjub bird resembles a giant dodo with long, muscular legs and wings that provide awkward flight. When attacked with magic, its plumage shifts randomly in hue and pattern with each spell hurled against it. Jubjub birds stand about 20 feet tall and weigh roughly 6,000 pounds.1


Jubjub birds are said to be the offspring of the original jubjub bird who sleeps deep beneath the Bleeding Tree in the First World.2

Jubjub birds are prone to uttering shrieks and capable of snapping heads off with their powerful beaks. Powerful fey sometimes keep well-trained jubjub birds as guards, and it has been reported that giants, usually jungle giants, use them as mounts.1


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