Kalish XXII

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Kalish XXII

Source: Qadira, Gateway to the East, pg(s). 4–5

Padishah Emperor Kalish XXII is the ruler of the great Padishah Empire of Kelesh, the dominant power in south-central Casmaron. Despite his advanced age of more than 90 years, Kalish remains a formidable presence. Kalish's habit of adding a wife each of his reign-years has given him a harem of over 50 consorts. Through these and his innumerable concubines he has spawned a sea of imperial princes and princesses, with over 200 dwelling in Katheer alone.1


In 4692 AR, Kalish XXII took a noblewoman from Qadira as a consort. He had a son with her named Yaril and eventually named Yaril his heir.2 The heir grew into a debauched man, and Kalish XXII's wife Queen Shubat has threatened to disown him if he continues, which would threaten to throw imperial succession into chaos.3 Given the Kalish's hundreds of heirs, many fear that such a civil war is inevitable when he dies.4





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