Kalish XXII

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Kalish XXII
Titles Padishah Emperor of Kelesh
Race/Species Human (Keleshite)
Gender Male
Homeland Kelesh
Born ca. 4629 AR

Source: Qadira, Gateway to the East, pg(s). 4–5

Padishah Emperor Kalish XXII is the ruler of the great Padishah Empire of Kelesh, the dominant power in south-central Casmaron. Despite his advanced age of more than 80 years, Kalish remains a formidable presence. Kalish's habit of adding a wife each of his reign-years has given him a harem of over 50 consorts. Through these and his innumerable concubines he has spawned a sea of imperial princes and princesses, with over 200 dwelling in Katheer alone.[1]

In 4692 AR, Kalish XXII took a noblewoman from Qadira as a consort; had a son, Yaril, with her; and named Yaril his heir.[2] The heir grew into a debauched man, and Kalish XXII's wife Queen Shubat has threatened to disown him if he continues, which would threaten to throw imperial succession into chaos.[3]


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