Deena al-Parishat

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Deena al-Parishat
Shahiyan Deena on her morning ride.
Titles Shahiyan of Qadira
Alignment Neutral
Class Aristocrat
Gender Female
Homeland Katheer, Qadira
Originally:Isfahel, Kelesh
Images of Deena al-Parishat

Source: Legends, pg(s). 122

Deena al-Gharla Antim Zhar al-Parishat is a Keleshite noblewoman. She is the shahiyan (consort) to Xerbystes II, Satrap of Qadira.[1]


Al-Parishat is originally from Isfahel, the capital of Kelesh, and is distantly related to the imperial family: her cousin Layilah is a possible candidate to succeed Padishah Emperor Kalish XXII.[1] Xerbystes arranged to marry her sometime between 4709[2] and 4720 AR after his liege threatened him with removal from office if he did not soon take a bride.[3]


Al-Parishat is an accomplished equestrian and was pleased to share that interest with her new husband. She routinely goes for horseback rides through Katheer in the early hours of the morning.

Al-Parishat is outspokenly in favor of the abolition of slavery in Qadira and has secretly been working to establish contact with the Bellflower Network to help undermine the trade, particularly in Sedeq.[1]


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