Xerbystes II

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Xerbystes II
Satrap Xerbystes II.
Titles Satrap of Qadira
Alignment Neutral[1]
Race/Species Human (Keleshite)
Class Aristocrat 8 / Fighter 6[1]
Gender Male
Homeland Katheer, Qadira
Born ca. 4679 AR[2] (age 44)
Images of Xerbystes II

Source: Qadira, Gateway to the East, pg(s). 4-5 (1E)
Legends, pg(s). 120-121 (2E)

Satrap Xerbystes II rules the wealthy nation of Qadira in the name of Padishah Emperor Kalish XXII of Kelesh. Xerbystes is a quiet, brooding man. An only child, Xerbystes is in the unusual position of inheriting the position of satrap without contest (partially because he has no siblings). In his bachelorhood, he turned away many Kelesh brides from the empire, as he fears such a union could threaten Qadira's independence from the Kelesh empire.[2] As of 4720 AR, he was recently married to Deena al-Parishat, a noblewoman from central Kelesh, due to threats of removal from his position.[3]

Desire for conquest

Although restrained from declaring war by his Imperial Vizier, Hebizid Vraj, Xerbystes is eager for conquest, and is feared in the region. He is additionally restrained by the fact that Qadira's generals answer only to the emperor. Taldor is by far his preferred target, but he is not adverse to expansion through other avenues. His battle lust has proven a considerable distraction from internal concerns, and he has begun to study the writings of Gheber III, hoping to discover a pretence for invasion that will not violate the ancient treaty signed with Taldor by his distant ancestor, Xerbystes I. Xerbystes therefore bides his time and takes out his frustration on his advisors, the Peerless, by assigning them tasks of ever-increasing complexity and difficulty.[2][4]

Tribute to Kelesh

Xerbystes only rules Qadira as the representative of the Padishah Emperor, and must send him a yearly tribute of 13 golden bulls and 300 concubines for the pleasure palaces of Kelesh.[4]


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