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251 AR (aged 64)
Source: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, pg(s). 11

Kalistrade was an ascetic and mystic who penned a series of dream journals during the early part of the Age of Enthronement that were later collected to form the basis of a new philosophy: the Prophecies of Kalistrade. These writings preach an adherence to strict dietary, dress, and sexual codes, and claim that faithfully following these strictures leads to the eventual collection of great personal wealth.1


Born into a wealthy family of bookbinders and gilders, Kalistrade was ready to inherit the family business when he fell ill in 221 AR. For weeks, he was bedridden and delirious, only awakening to write incomprehensible notes before losing consciousness again. After recovering, he became unusually severe and focused, sold his inheritance to his siblings, and left Druma. The few records of Kalistrade's eight-year journey contained very few names; it is suggested that he travelled through Taldor, remnants of Kellid kingdoms, western Kelesh, Absalom, among others. During this time, he began compiling his dream visions, the Drumish industrious tradition, and lore about the Speakers of the Pale into what would be the basis of the Prophecies of Kalistrade.23

In 229 AR, Kalistrade returned home, clad in noble regalia and bringing coffers of gold with him. He only spoke of his strict diet and personal rites, not of his investments, to curious neighbours, rebuffed all suitors due to sexual prohibitions, and refused all handshakes even as he was wearing gloves.24

Kalistrade's teachings resonated so well with the Drumish zeitgeist that it was capable of competing against traditional divine religions and attracted hundreds of converts in its early days. The cult steadily grew until Kalistrade's disappearance in 251 AR. His disciples started gathering his writings and argued over their canonicity, importance, and authorship, leaving the cult fragmented and relatively uninfluential. In 408 AR, a group of adventurers discovered Kalistrade's tomb, and the prophets quickly bought their information and silence before descending to commune with Kalistrade. His revelations resolved many of his followers' debates and led to the foundation of the Prophecies of Kalistrade as a formal religion.24


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