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Iconic samurai Hayato wields a katana.

A katana is a slightly curved sword created for and popularized by the samurai of Tian Xia; its closest analog in the Inner Sea region is the longsword. Many samurai specialize in fighting styles centered around the combination of a katana and wakizashi, naginata, or longbow.[1]

Katanas are forged using a distinct process and several types of steel. While most trained combatants can use a katana—which typically measures about 3¼ feet in length and weighs about 6 pounds—with two hands, it takes extensive training to wield one in a single hand.[2] A matched set of a katana and wakizashi is known as a daisho.[3]


The double walking stick katana, despite its name, conceals two swords more similar in length to the shorter wakizashi.[4]

An unknown tengu bladesmith cleverly created a magical, non-lethal wooden katana known as a dueling bokken for practice.[5]

On Golarion

The holy symbol of Shizuru is a katana in front of the sun.

The katana is a symbol in several Tian deities, nations, and organizations, including:

Unique katanas

Jeratakra, a legendary katana made by Swordmaster Tsing Xiao, was part of the Pharaoh of Blades's great collection of swords.[8]

Suishen, an intelligent katana and heirloom of the Amatatsu family, was sold to a trader some time around 4650 AR.[9]