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Ultimate Combat

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Combat
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Book - Core
Rule set
August 2011
August 2011
Pocket Edition Softcover
August 2, 2018

Ultimate Combat, a 256-page hardcover sourcebook for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, was released in August 2011. Its second printing was published in January 2014 and third printing on August 20, 2015. A softcover Pocket Edition was released on August 2, 2018.

Blood & Steel!Seize the initiative and chop your foes to pieces with this exhaustive guide to the art of martial combat in this exciting new rulebook for the smash-hit Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, suitable for players and Game Masters alike!

This comprehensive 256-page hardcover reference reveals the martial secrets of the Pathfinder RPG rules like never before! Tons of new tricks and techniques for combat-oriented character classes put a sharp edge on your weapons and a sure step in your tactics, ranging from new barbarian rage powers, new cavalier orders, tons of new rogue talents, and more than 60 new archetypes for nearly every Pathfinder RPG character class, including spellcasters like wizards and clerics.

Ultimate Combat also introduces three new Pathfinder RPG classes: the ninja, samurai, and gunslinger! The ninja blends the subterfuge of the rogue with high-flying martial arts and assassination techniques. The samurai is an unstoppable armored warrior who lives by a strong code of honor—with or without a master. The gunslinger combines the fighter's martial prowess with a new grit mechanic that allows her to pull off fantastic acts with a pistol or rifle. All this plus tons of new armor and weapons, a complete treatment of firearms in the Pathfinder RPG, a vast array of martial arts, finishing moves, vehicle combat, duels, and new combat-oriented spells for every spellcasting class in the game!

Ultimate Combat includes:

  • New player character options for 14 Pathfinder RPG base classes, including alchemist discoveries, barbarian rage powers, cavalier orders, combat-cleric archetypes, animal shaman druids, new fighter archetypes like gladiator and armor master, inquisitor archetypes like witch-hunter or infiltrator, combat-themed magus arcana, monk archetypes based on mastery of martial arts, new paladin archetypes like angelic warrior, ranger archetypes like big game hunter and trapper, new rogue tricks, and wizard archetypes like the gunmage
  • The ninja, samurai, and gunslinger, brand-new 20-level alternate classes specially designed to get the most out of combat
  • Hundreds of new combat-oriented feats including martial arts feat trees, finishing moves, and combination feats
  • In-depth overviews on a variety of combat-related topics, such as armor, Asian weapons, duels, fighting schools, guns, siege weapons, and more
  • A complete system covering vehicle combat, including wagons, boats, airships, and more
  • Tons of optional combat rules like called shots, armor as damage reduction, and new ways to track character health

... and much, much more!


p. 4
Chapter 1: Classes
p. 6
Chapter 2: Feats
p. 76
  • Types of Feats
  • Feat Descriptions
Chapter 3: Mastering Combat
p. 124
  • Eastern Armor and Weapons
  • Firearms
    • Firearm Magic Items
  • Gladiator Weapons
  • Primitive Armor and Weapons
  • Duels
  • Performance Combat
  • Siege Engines
Chapter 4: Vehicles
p. 168
  • Vehicle Basics
  • Full Vehicle Rules
  • Vehicle Statistics
  • Land Vehicles
  • Water Vehicles
  • Air Vehicles
Chapter 5: Variant Rules
p. 188
  • Armor as Damage Reduction
  • Called Shots
  • Piecemeal Armor
  • Wounds and Vigor
Chapter 6: Spells
p. 208
  • Spell Lists
  • Spell Descriptions
p. 250
  • New Weapons
p. 252
  • Open Game License