House Kaijitsu

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House Kaijitsu
Ameiko Kaijitsu, head of House Kaijitsu.

Noble family
Source: The Brinewall Legacy, pg(s). 7

House Kaijitsu is a noble family in Magnimar, formerly known as the Amatatsu family of Minkai. In Minkai, they were one of the five families Shizuru granted a divine mandate to rule. Pursued by a group of oni called the Five Storms who were intent on their destruction, they fled their homeland in the mid-47th century AR. They left the continent of Tian Xia and finally settled in the Varisian city of Magnimar, where they became part of that city-state's nascent nobility.1

In Magnimar

Although the family has largely removed itself to the nearby town of Sandpoint, they still maintain a manor home in Magnimar known as Kaijitsu Villa, located in the Naos district.2

Known members


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