Kortash Khain

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Kortash Khain

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Titles Priest-King
High Priest of Him Who Gnaws
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Ghoul
Class Cleric 5 / Sorcerer 5 / Mystic theurge 10 / Hierophant 6
Gender Male
Homeland Nemret Noktoria, Darklands
Deity Kabriri

Source: Mythic Realms, pg(s). 54-55

The Priest-King Kortash Khain it the autocratic ruler of the hidden ghoul city of Nemret Noktoria in Sekamina, which he founded. He is also Golarion's High Priest of the demon lord Kabriri, patron to all ghouls, and is one of the most powerful spellcasters on the planet. He rarely leaves the city, which he someday hopes to turn into an unliving version of Kabriri's Abyssal realm of Everglut.[1]

Foreign relations

Khain maintains open diplomatic ties and conducts trade agreements with the nations of Thuvia and Osirion on the surface of Garund, but is also said to have made secret agreements with other nations as well. He is also known to wage war on his Darklands neighbors and Osirion when it serves his city's interests.[1]


The Priest-King is said to be served by group of powerful great ghul advisors, who are also priests of Kabriri. They are said to have the heads of animals and know secret passages to the surface.[2]