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Vrolikais, also known as death demons, manifest from a sated nabasu returned to the Outer Rifts. They serve as executioners, assassins, and in positions of power.12

Associated sin

Gluttony,3 though their satiation means they suffer no associated vulnerabilities.1


A vrolikai is a gray-skinned, four-armed demon with the face and wings of a bat, horns, and a scaly tail. Their feet end in three curved claws.14

Habitat and ecology

While other demons are formed from mortal souls, vrolikais manifest from nabasus sated from gorging on mortals in the Universe, who then return to the Outer Rifts for a transformation process that leaves them vulnerable.12

Vrolikais require centuries to grow into their potential power after manifesting, which requires stealth and preparation in the hostile Outer Rifts. After building up their forces and fortifications, they redirect their attention back to the Universe.1

Balors often summon vrolikais for aid.2


In lieu of weapons, vrolikais wield dagger-shaped manifestations of black flame that evaporate within a minute of being dropped.15 They also accumulate and wear magic items from their victims and hoard other treasures in their lairs.5

Known vrolikais

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Paizo published a chapter about nabasu demons and their relationship with vrolikai demons in Demons Revisited.

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