Kortos Diamond

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Kortos Diamond
(Magic item)

Item Level (2E)
Usage (2E)
1 hand
Source: The Apocalypse Prophet, pg(s). 68
See also: Azlanti Diamond

The Kortos Diamond is a mythical clear-bladed sword said to have been crafted by the newly ascended god Aroden after the raising of the Starstone.1


After raising the Starstone in 1 AR, Aroden crafted a replica of the Azlanti Diamond and dubbed it the Kortos Diamond. He intended to leave this replica to a mortal defender of the Isle of Kortos.1

However, there are no records of Aroden bequeathing the sword, nor of any wielders of it over the following millennia. The sword's location has also yet to be confirmed, despite efforts by both Nex and Geb to find it.1 One possible site of the sword is the Verdant Beacon in the obscured Vale of Aroden.2


The Kortos Diamond is a four-foot longsword with a sea-green blade of throneglass and a golden hilt whose pommel is engraved with the Eye of Aroden.1


The sword is a powerful weapon against spellcasters, which inspired the nemeses Nex and Geb to each attempt to locate it for their use on each other, and is also particularly effective against aberrations. It absorbs and redirects psychic magic, emanates light, disrupts its victims' minds, and amplifies its wielder's voice.1

The sword also grows vastly heavier if moved more than 100 miles from the Isle of Kortos and returns to the island on its own within a year if left unattended in a distant location. The sword also prevents its wielder from harming themself with it, even by accident or out of confusion.1


The Kortos Diamond can be damaged or destroyed only by a deity who ascended from mortality by passing the Test of the Starstone.1